Hi my name is Felicia.

I’m 28 years old and I am Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Claircognizance, an Empath, a Psychic Medium and channellor.

The truth is we all have these abilities and this is our natural state of being. I once was a sceptic and didn’t even know what the word intuition meant. However, I had experiences as we all do, but mine changed my life forever.

I started to notice my abilities after a Theta Healing course that I completed and had multiple experiences that didn’t seem real, but kept showing me that I was connected to something greater and that something was listening to me through what I was manifesting.

I would wake up seeing geometric shapes in my room, unicorns or other animals in the sky, love hearts in my coffee and other synchronicities that just freaked me out.

I would ask to see a symbol and would almost see it immediately. I never knew life was like this.

Some people think I’m crazy with my experiences but this is my normal way of living now. I didn’t ask for this, however I wouldn’t change it and I love my life because of it. Although there are days where I just feel stuck in my body here on earth and want to go home, I realise I have a bigger purpose to fulfil while I’m here. Actually every soul does and I know I’m here to help raise consciousness in this time.

I’m also grateful for what this third dimension has to offer as I get to experience the physical side of life, touch, breathing and living. I love my job but probably what I love most is to help others develop these same abilities and to help master their thoughts and manifesting. I also love to help people with their own spiritual awakenings and to read for people.

My qualifications include: theta healing basic and advance, tony robbins business and wealth mastery university, diploma of counselling, reiki on horses level 1 and of course my life experience.

Felicias Mission and Vision:

* To uplift and inspire people to be their true authentic selves and to embrace this new evolution.

* To help people connect to their own team of spirit guides and to help them find clarity and understanding with their life purpose.

* To promote a healthy connection to mind, body, soul and emotion to achieve oneness.