New moon

Were you affected by last nights new moon?

Being an empath I’m quite sensitive to energies. Last night was a new moon. A time to set new intentions and manifest your dreams and desires, It is also a time where the energy can be quite low. We are beings of energy so it makes sense that this can have an effect on us. I woke up after a nightmare last night and heard my fire alarm go off then stop. So if you were feeling quite run down or tired yesterday this may be why and It can also affect us two days prior to a new moon and two days after.

A full moon is a time where the energy is quite high and can bring out what is in our subconscious mind to our physical reality. So if you are working on a higher vibrational level, it may bring out your creative side or you could just feel even more positive. On the other hand if you have a more dominant negative mind set it can bring up things that need to be dealt with so you could feel more emotional.

There are ways to feel more grounded through the moon cycle:

Use Crystals that are for protection

Having a strong and healthy mind set

Smudge your house with white sage

Visualize a protection bubble, white or gold light

Go for a walk and inhale fresh air and exhale negative energies

Use salt lamps as they transfer ions into air

Call on your spirit guides to protect you


Gratitude practice

These are just some ways to clear and protect your energy. Fore more information you can buy my E-book which will be available through my website next week.