thanks Felicia! once again I’m blown away with the reading! everything was 100 % accurate. Cant wait for another reading. Samantha

thank you felicia, everything in the 30 min you said was smack bang on correct , and you had a lot to give me, I’m grateful truly thank you very much, you have left me on a higher vibration and our reading happened at the perfect timing, from my self issues that i was ready to release you have helped me in this process after seeing what needed to be done, to my desires and even to the crystal i needed you known everything, and i bought the crystal today, very spot on thank you! you have a place in my heart always – Luke

Great reading, thank you. You tuned in so quickly and described me well. Some things you said really shook me in a good way like “how on earth does she know that?!” The only constructive thing i could say is, I hoped my spirits around me could talk to you a wee bit more about my future and dates. 😊

Overall  i believe you will do very well on this path, and I would definitely get another reading from you in the future.


Thanks so much for the reading . I found it to be quite accurate. I appreciate the time you spent. Kind regards. Debbie


I’m 110% happy with your reading! Everything was perfect and so spot on. Even the things you weren’t 100% about you gave me what insite you did have! I’ll definitely be back to have another reading off you! Even when they have to be paid for!! Haha if I could book another one right now I would! Thank you so much


Hi Felicia,

I read your E-book “Transformation and the Power within yourself”.  I appreciated it’s simplicity and the motivation.
Thank you for sharing and promoting positive change.
Love & Light
Cherie ♡

Felicia Haigh’s book ‘Transformation and The power Within Yourself’ in my opinion is an excellent book for anyone who is seeking in this day and age. She goes through a lot of the basic principles of ‘spirituality’ and gives a lot of very helpful tips and tricks in awakening your true self. The book goes through Energy to activating your DNA and its benefits and I have to say that in this day and age, these are very important and a must know!

I am looking forward to more releases from this beautiful and awakened soul.